How to Set Up Your New Commercial Space Successfully

office space

So you’ve just acquired a new office and it’s a blank canvas allowing you to plan it out from scratch. Perhaps you’re a brand new business and are setting up your workspace for the first time. Either way the possibilities presented to you are endless. It is a situation envied by many whilst at the same time undoubtedly daunting. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Making some incorrect decisions at this point could waste your business serious amounts of cash. As well as this if you set up some things wrong you could be damaging the productivity of your company and even make some of your employees unhappy. Whilst this is certainly not a comprehensive checklist here are a few things to factor in when making those early decisions about your new office space.

Write a List of Requirements

check listIt probably goes without saying but you really should make a list of everything you are going to need. This needs to be both comprehensive whilst also trimmed down to eliminate the unnecessary luxuries. It is at this point where everything could go very wrong so do this well in advance. Look at your business and note down the sort of things you need based on this. Whether it is computers, furniture, additional equipment such as phones or printers or internet setup these need to be appropriate to your specific needs. Whilst compiling this list you should plan ahead to a certain extent i.e. further expansion of the business so have a few spare seats and desks for additional employees further down the line.


office furnitureThis should be one of your top priorities. You need to have the right furniture so that people can work to their optimum whilst feeling happy in the workplace. You should be looking at ergonomic furniture so that you can promote productivity and reduce potential RSI’s in the future. Whenever possible try to acquire desks and partitions which are easily adaptable. Business is usually fluid and ever changing so you don’t want to end up with something perfect for the present but which is unsuitable in the near future.


This is equally as important as the furniture you purchase. Poor layouts can lead to decreased work output, unhappy colleagues and can even effect relationships with clients who visit the premises. If the meeting room is right next to the noisy sales team then it will not only look unprofessional but will prove to be an annoyance whilst you are speaking with visitors.

Lighting & Temperature

These are factors which are often much overlooked but the temperature and the lighting need to be right. Is the air conditioning in the work place adequate? If not you will end up with grumblings from staff and potential absenteeism or poor retention. The lighting needs to be considered just as much. If it is not sufficient then people could end up straining their eyes to view computer screens which could lead to them having headaches. Connected to the lighting you need to think about the windows. The location could cause excessive glare. This is when window tinting for buildings can be used to ensure that it doesn’t become an issue. Try to view the office space at different times of the working day to ascertain whether this is something you will need to have added.