Why You Should Consider Concrete Flooring over the Alternatives

concrete flooring

flooringIn any sort of development project there are an enormous number of considerations to take into account. One such choice you will have to make is which material to use for the flooring. Different projects will vary in terms of purpose and application but generally speaking you can’t really go wrong by selecting concrete flooring. So what is it that makes this such a good choice? Whether it’s for commercial, residential or industrial spaces, concrete flooring is the most popular material in use and if it is polished or treated in one of the other options available it can prove to be very adaptable achieving very distinctive looks and styles. Here are a few reasons why you should really consider concrete as your material of choice, no matter where and what it’s for.


As touched on above concrete is a very versatile material and can be used for a multitude of applications. It doesn’t matter what sector you are developing property within concrete will prove to be suitable.


One of the things that makes concrete such a wise choice of flooring is that it is very tough and long lasting. Concrete will be able to take a lot of punishment and will stand up to high traffic, heavy weight and impacts. Whilst many materials can either deteriorate quite rapidly or are easily damaged concrete should last almost entirely unaffected for years to come. That means once it has been put down it should be one less worry to deal with for a considerable duration of time.


Alongside the durability which concrete boasts, you can get this whilst also saving yourself great expense. Of all the flooring material options concrete is one of the cheapest on offer. Obviously any selection you can make which will not cost too much will be favourable for a development project. The lower the outlay on this part of the job will either allow you to spread funds further in other areas or simply maximise your profits when it comes to selling or leasing.

Stain Resistance

Flooring will inevitably end up taking a lot of general punishment and leaks and spillages are a case of when and not if. Whether you are developing a commercial, industrial or even residential property the selection of a material which can be easily cleaned and will resist stains is a wise choice because it will avoid future costs removing unsightly marks. When used for purposes such as warehouses the use of concrete should prevent marks left by machinery etc.

Easy Maintenance

Alongside being tough, stain resistant and relatively cheap, concrete is very simple to upkeep and maintain. Have the flooring properly sealed and it will basically just need regular sweeping and little else. The most work it will likely need is to be mopped when wet spillages occur but as stated before this shouldn’t cause worries of staining and leaving marks. Choosing durable and affordable concrete flooring will be attractive to a buyer or renter because they will know that it will not take a lot of work to look after and maintain.