Commercial Office Security Tips

CCTV security

Commercial properties are understandably considered priority targets by well organised criminal operations. Whereas residential properties tend to mainly suffer from opportunistic break-ins or theft and damages caused by individuals and small teams of criminals, offices need to maintain higher levels of security to combat the more sophisticated and organised burglaries which they can fall victim too. Assets such as cash, I.T. equipment, legal documentation and data are highly valuable and their loss can cause irreparable financial burdens to a company. Not only this, but it is your duty as an employer to maintain the security of your staff as well as keeping your assets protected due to insurance costs. There are some key protective measures which you can utilise to ensure that any business is adequately secure.


Quality camera systems are probably the greatest tool for any company. Depending on the type of business their value is relative but without a doubt all commercial enterprises should utilise this technology. If you are holding cash or have expensive equipment within the office space, then CCTV will act as a deterrent to any would-be criminals including your own staff. Should you fall victim to a burglary then camera footage of the intruders is generally the most useful tool for authorities to identify and then locate the criminals. Make a point of having the cameras noticeable to help promote their use as a visual deterrent.

Alarm Systems

Just like CCTV, an alarm system is a very valuable deterrent to thieves. When used in conjunction with cameras, its value increases even further. Whenever possible, choose an alarm system that is monitored which grants you either voice contact with a security team/local authority or sends a direct signal out which will trigger a response.

Security Doors and Screens

For all the deterrence that cameras and alarms can create you should still always protect your premises from the potential break in itself. No matter how impressive a property’s security systems may appear, some criminals will still not be put off. You should secure all of your doors and windows properly. With security screens by Down Under Screens you can reinforce any glass windows including large shop fronts and even lock down your office space with extra layers of protection at every doorway including fire and emergency exits which are impenetrable from the outside. For all the preventative measures you install, you should always make the site difficult to physically access to any person who does not have the right to do so.

Lock Down Computers and Safes

Make sure that any valuable equipment or items such as cash safes are tethered down or secured to the walls. In any situation where criminals do gain access to the office space, doing this could be key as to whether intruders are able to thieve these items or not. At worst, you will be able to slow them down and this extra time could prove the difference between them being apprehended or not. Again, make such measures clearly indicated to help to deter any potential break-ins. In addition to this make sure that assets such as cash or important documents which can be stored elsewhere are regularly uplifted from the premises to minimise the impact if a robbery does occur.