Buyer’s Agent Checklist


The process of buying property is complex. It requires knowledge of the property industry i.e. market conditions, locations or having networks. It is better to hire a professional buyer’s agent to help you when dealing with buying property. The agent will work with you from planning until the end of the transaction. But who is the best agent?

The best agent for you is the one that can be your partner from the start all the way through until the end. The agent has to understand your needs and be a good assistant. Check this list to know what it takes to be a great agent.


You and your agent have to work together for a period of time. The most important thing is to make sure that you comfortable talking to each other. Different agencies use different ways of communication; face-to-face, phone calls, messaging or Skype conversations. Ask your agent which method they use. Do you like it or not? Is it convenient for you?

Some people are better at typing than talking. If the agent communicates to you by talking, consider their tone and the manner of their speech. Do you like the way your agent talks? Do you understand them? And do they come across professional or not?


During the process of buying an estate, you will encounter specific terms, legal issues, or things that you might not be familiar with. Does your agent explain or clarify them with you when you ask about them? Do you clearly understand their responses? Why do they suggest that you do things in a certain way? Try to ask some questions to check that you understand what your agent is trying to explain. Your agent will be the one who explains to you information about the market, laws, and contracts in the future.



The personality and attitude of your agent matter greatly. The agent has to be your partner for several weeks to several months. Make sure that you are comfortable spending time with your agent. Try to talk about other topics to see what your agent is like. Do you feel comfortable talking with your agent?

Do They Listen to You

Nobody wants to talk to and spend time with people who do not listen to them. A good agent has to be a good listener and a good adviser. The agent has to listen to your requests and give advice as a professional not to be insulting. When you are working together you have to respect each other.

Know the Market

The agent has to be able to explain the niche market conditions that you are focusing on. What is the market condition? Is the market attractive to invest in? What is the possibility of returns? They have to have deep knowledge, be able to plan and be good at explaining things to you.